franklin prosensorFascinating story. Every day we are surrounded by many tools, but we do not even know how they work. Today I want to tell you a tool like a stud finder. These tools are not very often found at home, but sometimes it is very useful. For example, if you want to hang a new TV or shelf on the wall, the stud sensor will help you. Before buying best stud finder I reccomend read reviews, because now on the market more than 50 similar model. And choose the best not easy quest.
After all, for a heavy object not to fall off the wall, it must be fastened exactly in the place where the stud is located. It is what will take the weight of a heavy object. But the difficulty is that the stud is inside the wall and if you are not superman and do not have x-ray vision, then finding a stud in the wall is not easy. It was for this purpose that a stud finder was invented. Such a tool can detect a wooden or metal stud inside the wall.
To produce such a tool began in the company of Zirkon in 1977 and no one else did anything similar to them. But over time the term of the patent has expired. There was it in 1998, and in the market, there were many other hammers from other manufacturers.
The simplest wall stud detector models use a neodymium magnet, which can only detect metal studs. More advanced models have an ultrasonic sensor, which allows you to detect the stud in the wall, regardless of what material it is made of.

All electronic stud finders fall into three categories.

  • Edge finders — easily find an edge of the beam.
  • Center finders — as you could already guess the model of this category will let you know where the center of the beam is.
  • Instant stud finders — this is a more modern development, which has a number of sensors, which will allow you to instantly determine the location of the beam in the wall. How it looks you can see in the photo.

Also worth noting that these devices can sometimes give false signals. Often this happens with walls on which a thick layer of plaster.

How to use a stud finder